Monday, January 4, 2010

Storage for Holiday Decorations

Now that the holidays are over, here are some ideas to store your items.
  • Clear plastic containers - I use curtain containers for bows, fabric napkins, tape, gift tags, small ornaments, things that are difficult to store elswhere, etc.

  • Gift bags - I use gift bags to hold other gift bags and rolls. 

  • Clear box containers - we use these to hold similar items such as all mantle items (i.e. stockings, stocking holders, garland, etc.)
  • Apple or egg containers and cartons - you can easily store ornaments in here
  • Ziploc bags - you can place ornament holders (the metal ones) or other small items in here so that it doesn't get lost in a bigger container
  • Hanging organizer - these are the kind that have clear pockets and therefore could hold small ornaments and the like 
  • Coffee or vegetable cans - you can string lighted garlands around these, so that they don't get tangled
  • Shoe boxes - line the boxes with tissue paper to hold delicate items
  • Large trash bags - these are great to hold wreaths if you don't have a specific container for them
  • Zippered garment bags - these also work nicely to hold wreaths
  • Plastic grocery bags - these come in handy when you need to protect items that could get scratched up, such as Santa Clauses or Nutcrackers.  Once wrapped, simply put them in a bigger container
  • Cookie tins - are a great place to stash those items that are decorative but could make a mess if placed elsewhere, such as pinecones or items with glitter on them...

Another quick tip is to keep similar items together (i.e., keep the wreath with the wreath holder, keep the stockings with the stocking holders, table linens with napkin rings, etc.)

Happy New Year!


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