Monday, January 18, 2010

So Many Vases...What Do I Do With Them?

Over the years I had collected many vases, most from my darling husband who showered me with floral arrangements on a monthly basis, and I had collected so many that it was time to let them go. 

If you have too many of your own collecting dust in your home, here are some ways to re-use or get rid of them safely and efficiently. 
  • Send to a local thrift store for re-sale
  • Recycle them (although I have heard some say that it was not ok, but my recycling unit took them)
  • Buy or gather new flowers and put them in the vase to give to a friend for their birthday or if they are not feeling well
  • Try your hand and creativity at faux floral arrangments (you can always give them as gifts later or arrange them around your home)
  • Take them to the office, for others to use
  • Give them to a local nursing home
  • Give them to a local community center (for flower making workshops)
  • Give them to a local hospital
  • Give them to local event or wedding planners (this is especially handy if you have many of one style)
  • Give them to your school (art teachers could use them for crafts)
  • Use them as candy dishes
  • Use them to showcase pretty shells or stones
  • Use them at your child's next Lemonade stand to make Lemonade
  • Use wide shaped vases to hold household items, such as keys, wallets and other odds and ends
  • Use them in a craft room for buttons, paper clips, ribbon, scissors, etc.
  • Use them as centerpieces for your table (add lemons, pinecones, ornaments, anything eye-catching)
  • Use them as utensil holders, if they are tall enough
  • Buy a Beta fish and use the vase as an aquarium
  • Log on to Freecyle (this site allows you to give away items, in your area, for free), someone else might be in need of a vase(s) for a small wedding or other event
As you see the possibilities are endless. 

Just remember not to get rid of all of them, keeping some vases in various sizes and textures can certainly come in handy.



Myron said...

A lot of florist will also accept them back.

Organize Me...Pretty said...

Yes, that's true! Many Floral shops will take them as well. Thank you!

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