Monday, January 25, 2010

Re-decorating Your Space for Free

You can make your rooms over without spending too much money or can even do it for are some ideas to get you thinking...

For a small price:
  • Buy throw pillows to change your couch or bedding appearance
  • Paint can change a room dramatically, even if it's only on one wall
  • Buy an interesting lamp to add light to a room to bring out a new glow
  • Flowers - buy various kinds of grocery store flowers - and put in unique holders to add a changed look of beauty every week to your home
  • If you have interesting articles or pictures from magazines that you already recieve but don't want to toss them away, why not buy some inexpensive frames and change up a wall by displaying them as a piece of art work - makes for an interesting conversation piece as well
  • Change your dining table immediately by adding seat cushions or a new tablecloth and placemats
  • If you have blinds on your windows, why not add some curtains to soften up a room or two
For free:
  • Put a decorative shawl or blanket on your sofa or bed to make it look revived (I have a curtain panel on our piano that didn't go so well on the window and it simply looks like a runner rather than a curtain, so there are all kinds of ways to be creative with fabrics)
  • Make your own art work, if you are creative, create your own art piece and hang it up
  • Take items from other rooms (art work, chairs, etc.)  and place them in a new room to make it look as if you bought new items (you just bought them from your other rooms)
  • Rearrange the current furniture in a room; if it seems impossible, just try to angle it differently to add instant dramatic flare
  • Take rugs from different areas and put it down at an angle to see how you can easily change the appearance of any room
  • Take fruit and place them in interesting canisters or vases to show them off; it's also a way to change up a drab kitchen every week
  • Use your current books or photo albums and stack them on top of each other in a corner to add interest to an otherwise dull area 
  • Add your children's artwork to a blank wall space (just get some string and clothing pins or put them in frames that you already have)
  • Display items that you own that are too pretty to be put away.  Place them in a bowl or other clear container and display them proudly and then change them up whenever you want (jewelry, beautiful cards, pretty soaps, etc.)
Look around your home, I'm sure that you have interesting items that can be placed elsewhere to add immediate sparkle to dull areas and/or rooms.

Have a good week everyone!


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