Monday, September 7, 2009

Bathroom Organization

Here are some ideas to organize items and make your bathroom more beautiful.

  • Containers, in varying sizes, are useful in drawers to sort out smaller items, such as makeup. Bigger containers are also useful for underneath storage.

  • Use open containers (such as baskets) for toilet paper, especially in a bathroom that will be used by guests, so they don't need to search for items in case it runs out.

  • Use decorative containers to be placed on the counters to hold contton balls, swabs, bath salts, decorative soaps, etc.

  • Keep shoe boxes, they make good sorters for all the smaller items that take up space in your bathroom. You can make them look prettier by adorning them with something attractive, such as pretty wrapping paper.

  • Use a caddy with a handle to hold items that you might take from one room to another. This would be great to hold cleaning items.

  • Older items that need to be thrown out, should be labeled so you know when to toss them. Items such as makeup should be labeled with stickers so you know when they were purchased; since most makeup tend to outlast their welcome.

  • To add luxury to your bathroom, put up that shabby chic chandelier and an ornate mirror.

  • Who said that you had to put bathroom rugs in the bath? Put in any decorative area rug with a good mat underneath so it doesn't move around to add instant elegance.

Enjoy your upcoming week!


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