Monday, September 14, 2009

School Organization

As school has started in most areas, let's go into ways to make the days less frazzled for us all.

Ways for your kids stay better organized:

  • Provide them with organization tools, such as compartmentalized cubbies in their closets to let them know what they need to need wear each day.

  • For older children, put a sheet of what classes they have every day near their dressers or near their closet. This way, they know on gym days they wear their gym clothes, when they have to return their library books, or when tests are, etc. This helps them to be more responsible and takes some of that responsibility off of your own shoulders.

  • If there are items in their closets that they need but are out of reach, provide a step stool to keep in their closet for them to get to it themselves. Try as much as you can to provide your child the tools they need to be independent.

  • Create an area in your pantry, if possible, of what snacks are allowed to take to school. Allow them to take a certain amount of items from that each day and to pack that themselves.

  • If your children have assigned lockers at their school, give them a locker organizer.

Ways for you to stay better organized:

  • Make sure to look over all paperwork the night before and have it ready and in your child's bag, so you are not scrambling in the mornings.

  • Get a box of envelopes and label them with your child's name so that it keeps you prepared in advance and all you have to do is slip items in the envelopes at the last minute.

  • Pack lunches the night before school.

  • Label all items with your child's name. For backpacks, hang luggage tags on them.

  • Definitely have a calendar somewhere that is easily accessible (and always keep a pen near it). At the beginning of the school year, I write down the children's days off, hot lunches, programs, etc. for the whole school year on the calendar as well as in the electronic calendar on my computer.

  • Have a set time of when to do things. When your child comes home, they might not want to do homework right away. Let them play, eat, etc. before they sit down to focus on homework. Some kids want to get it over with or you might want them to do it immediately; whatever it is, make it consistent (kids actually love schedules) so they know what the rules are and it helps things go smoother each day since both of you know what to expect from each other.

  • When it is time for homework, make sure you have an area, such as a drawer or box that holds pencils, a set of crayons, a ruler, erasers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, calculator, etc. so that they are not searching for items to get their work done; this would only take away time from them doing their assignments.

  • Utilize a bulletin board, if you have enough wall space, to pin up important papers (announcements, invitations, schedules, etc.) that need to be looked at.

If you stay on top of things and are better organized, your child will be too and this can make your weekday mornings go more smoothly!

Here's to a successful school year!


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