Monday, August 31, 2009

Ways to Store Craft Supplies

Listed below are some ideas that can help you with storing all your craft supplies.

        • Take a paper towel holder and place your ribbon spools on it

        • Use the containers for storing screws and bolts and use it to hold buttons, stickers, emblems, anything small and that can be easily lost in here

        • A bucket tool organizer can turn in to your scrapbook haven or your art supply center

        • Office organizers are really efficient for holding rulers, pens, markers, scissors, etc.

        • A wall or floor vent can turn in to a place to hold all your stampers

        • Ice cube or muffin trays can hold small items for sewing or other craft ideas

        • Use the small aprons that you see in hardware stores, typically used for tools and use them to stash your paint brushes when painting or on any other craft work

        • Bento boxes, fishing containers, other types of boxes that have several trays or slots are great for sorting out craft items

        • Hampers are great for bigger craft items

        • Children's closet organizers, the kind that are used to store clothes for the week, are also great for some bigger craft items, such as cloth or other textiles
        Hope these are useful. Have a wonderful week!


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