Monday, August 3, 2009

Tips for Clutter Proof Organizing

Here are some tips for clutter proof organizing...

Home Office

  • Schedule 30 minutes weekly to pay bills (set aside one day for added consistency). You should try not to wait until they’re due, you could be hit with a late fee.

  • Put reminders and invitations immediately on your calendar and toss.

  • Set aside 15-30 minutes daily to go through the mail and sort, toss and/or file. Eliminate it before you store it. Open mail at the trash can and toss junk mail, expired oupons, old greeting cards, invitations to past events. Shred those credit card offers – identity theft is the number one crime in America.


  • Avoid overcrowding cabinets – you don’t need multiple items of the same thing. Chances are you’ll never use them all at the same time.

  • Create long term storage areas – keep seasonal items like the turkey roaster, holiday dishware and linens, summer barbeque equipment – away from primary work centers.

  • Clear off kitchen counter tops. Keep only those items you use regularly like the coffee maker and toaster.


  • Think putting together double tier closet rods.

  • Stock the shelves with clear, labeled, plastic containers for shoes, purses, scarves.

  • Go through every item in your closet and purge anything that has not been worn in two years, or that may never fit you again!

  • Relocate off season clothes to a guest bedroom, attic or basement.

Enjoy your week!


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