Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Camps

Many of us are considering sending our kids to camp for the Summer. Whether it be a day camp or an away camp, where the kids stay overnight, here are some ideas to ensure that they will be safe and feeling secure.
  • Get your child the Camper Alert bracelet. They are rubber bracelets which provide instant access to important information about your child in an emergency. You can put the parent's cell phone numbers or allergy information on there. They also come in various colors. For more details visit http://www.hopepaige.com/.
  • Pick the right camp for your child based upon their needs as well as their likes.
  • Make sure you know what the rules are before you commit to the camp.
  • It's also best, if possible, to go and see the camp site yourself.
  • Make sure clothes, toys and other electronic items have your child's name on them.
  • Make sure that the emergency contact information has all the ways to contact you in case of an emergency or someone else if you are not available.
  • If it is to an away camp, make sure that they have the ability to contact the parents (cell phone number) whenever they get homesick.
  • If this is their first away camp, make sure that they have been to someones house (Grandma's) for at least a weekend getaway, so they will be able to spend some time away from you.
  • Make sure to have letters in their suitcase or send letters to the camp site, so that they can read or see pictures of you. This shows that you miss them.
  • Encourage your kids to write back to you or draw pictures so that they can share their experiences.

Enjoy the weather!


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