Monday, May 18, 2009

Jewelry Storage Solutions

In order to keep your jewelry in good condition, it is best to use some form of jewelry storage to protect them. I have listed below some ways to store or display your jewelry.

Use a jewelry box with lots of drawers and different compartments, or if you have many items get a jewelry storage case. You can also get an organizer that can be stored in between your clothes. If you don't have the money to afford these types of items, get creative - use ice cube trays, pretty storage boxes, clear storage boxes, silverware trays, or even office storage items.

If possible, store similar pieces of jewelry together. All silver items, all gold bracelets, all rings with stones, all bracelets, etc. Those with stones, should be made to sure to be somewhat separate, in order to ensure that the stones do not scratch each other.

Store all necklaces in the same place - preferably hanging, so they do not get tangled. All bracelets should also be in the same drawer or also in a hanging position.

Always make sure that the inside of containers, are soft or padded, so it does not scratch the metal on your jewelry.

Use ring holders for rings, if you do not have a container for them. Keep your engagement or wedding rings in a small but elegant box or container on your nightstand (if you do not wear them to bed).

Display your jewelry on a pretty statue or in a clear container.

There are many ways to store or display your jewelry, just look around your house to come up with new and creative solutions!

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