Monday, February 16, 2009

Window Treatments

Here are some ideas for what to use for unique window areas.

Crescent Windows
  • Use 3 sconces to drape fabric around a crescent window
  • Arched shades are great for covering the crescent windows completely. They can be found in many different colors to match your home. They can also be bought in faux wood.
Corner Windows
  • Add three long drapes, one to each window as well as in the corner, to create cohesion.

  • Connect two drapes together and tie with a tassel at the corner. This creates a very elegant and dramatic effect.

Ways to Show off Windows

  • Add Interesting Tassels or Trimmings

How to make a window look longer or larger

  • Extra long curtains can add height as well as drama to a window.

  • Have the drapes go to the top of the ceiling and sweep the flooring to elongate the look.

Sliding or Non-Sliding Glass Doors

  • Bamboo coverings

  • Roman Shades

  • Sheer panels

Best Way to Darken a Room

  • Blackout Shades or anything lined with Mylar, a fabric that acts as a light barrier, keeps out both visible light and UV rays. Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms. These also work great on sliding glass doors.

Be Creative
If you have curtains that you love but have changed your d├ęcor and don’t want to get rid of them, you might not have to. If it’s a fairly neutral color, you can simply add on to the bottom of the drapes with a more vibrant color or vice versa. This helps if you move and your news or longer than your old ones. You can also embellish it with beads or ribbons. For those windows that are smaller, you can cut up the longer curtains and create panel shades for your windows.

Can't sew? No problem, there are other ways to achieve the look you want. Try out the following methods:

  1. Velcro
  2. Seam Tape
  3. Fabric Glue

Hope these ideas help!


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