Monday, February 9, 2009

Beneficial Health Tips with Household Items

I have always heard from many people how this herb or that item can help with different ailments that you might have. So, I thought I would gather as much hints that I have heard about and compile them here.

If you have tried something and it’s worked for you, post a comment here, so that we all may benefit!


  • Eating one a day, helps eliminate muscle cramps (leg cramps) due to low potassium levels


  • I know this is strange, but this girl I knew in college used to wash her hair in beer once a week to keep it soft. I never tried this myself but her hair always looked lush and amazing and yes, it was very soft.


  • Cold slices over your eyes helps reduce puffiness

Frozen Vegetables

  • A pack over the eyes helps ease puffiness

  • Also helps if your face is feeling hot; instead of a cold washcloth, try this

  • Also great for muscle sores if you don’t have an ice pack

Garlic (fresh)

  • Chewing on a clove or two will help with upset stomachs and gas

  • Helps to eliminate coughs


  • Helps to reduce nausea

  • Ginger tea helps with menstrual cramping

  • Lessen pain from rheumatoid arthritis

  • Can help reduce stress levels

Ginseng root and leaves

Never tried this before but have heard the following:

  • May help reduce mental and emotional stress

  • May help with fatigue

  • May help restore your body’s natural heat and cold sensors

  • May help with reducing hunger


  • Can help soothe a sore throat (pour into tea)

  • Have heard that it can soothe a cough as well


  • Splashing your face with milk can help with sunburns, redness and irritated skin

Milk of Magnesia

  • Use as a mask on the face for 5 minutes and it helps reduce oily skin

Peppermint Leaves

  • Helps reduce upset stomachs and gas

  • Chewing the leaves helps with bad breath

  • Great for reducing stress levels

  • Have heard that it can help get rid of a cold fast

Tea Bags

  • Cold tea bags over the eyes, helps with reducing puffiness (caffeine helps minimize this)

Toothpaste (not gel based)

  • Put over a pimple to reduce its size but only keep on for a few hours at a time.

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