Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Decorating

I wanted to get some holiday decoration ideas to you before it gets too late.  In this post, I have posted as well as written ways to make your Poinsettias last through more than just the December holidays;  how to make some unique wreaths; and other miscellaneous decorating tips.


For those of you that love Poinsettias and would like them to last longer than just the holidays, check out these tips.


Beautiful and interesting wreaths, for all the "do it yourself" folks out there.

Miscellaneous Tips
  • Extra bulbs or decorations can be put together in interesting containers.  You can place similar colors together (i.e., the containers I have pictured are old, brass cooking pots that my grandmother used long ago and I placed red beaded garland along with red ornaments in one, blue silver garland with silver and royal blue ornaments in another and gold ornaments in the smallest pot) and place them all together to make a unique statement to a drab area.

  • To make the area intimate, add candles with ornmanets or garlands around the table.
  • Add bows to chandeliers, bowls, glasses, and vases to bring out the color theme in your home.
  • Holiday greetings are getting overcrowded on your mantel?  Put them on a trellis or cork board.  Hang them on a ribbon that can be draped or hung from the ceiling and can be attached by decorative clips. 
  • Add wreaths in front of every window or if you can only place one, make it interesting on your door.  The picture below is the one we have used for our front door.  Since our front door is black, we chose a red Poinsettia to make it stand out. 

  • Wreaths can also be placed flat on a dinner table to be used as a centerpiece. You can place a bowl inside the center of the wreath and fill it with ornaments and greenery.
  • Items to use for decorations can be anything that you believe to be festive - pinceones, chestnuts, cinnamon sticks, peppermint candies, candy canes, candles, cards, your child's or your own art work, your ornaments, garlands, glasses, vases, flowers and plants, etc.  The list is endless.
Please check out my older Christmas/December posts for further ideas as well.

Enjoy your week!


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