Monday, October 12, 2009

Bringing "Fall" Indoors

What exactly does Fall mean to you, how does it make you feel? Leaves changing colors, pine cones, different smells, colors that inspire the Fall season - yellow, brown, orange. Here are some ways to enjoy this season more by bringing the outdoors in.

  • Gather pine cones and put in decorative clear urns, vases or bowls.

  • Gather leaves of different shapes and colors and create a Fall wreath for your door.

  • Add items that have Fall colors or shapes (i.e., leaves) such as throws, tablecloths, cushions, etc. and put them in different areas of your home to add to that warm feeling you are looking for.

  • Plant pretty yellow or orange mums and keep in containers to your home's entryway.

  • Go for a walk and pick up items that you see that are unusual and earthy to put together to create a unique seasonal decoration. Depending on what you find, you can use it to create a garland; put the items at the base of your plants to add some interest to it; or get a rustic basket and put the items in there along with some items that add color to it.

  • Found a unique branch? Make it a Fall tree similar to a Christmas tree. Put it in a large vase or urn and add ornaments to it. Create your own Fall ornaments by adding string or ribbon to pine cones, huge colorful leaves (use a small hole punch), actual bulbs in Fall or seasonal colors or you can create your ornaments with fabric or paper or have your kids create them for you.

  • Add pumpkins or different colored squash and add them to baskets or put in a bowl as you would fruit.
  • Add a scent that makes you think of Fall by burning a candle, spraying a mist, using a diffuser, or scented oil plugins that make you think of this season favorably.

The ideas are endless as you can see.

Enjoy today!


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