Monday, June 29, 2009

Packing Up!

I'm sure that many of you are planning vacations soon, so here are some packing tips for your next trip. Make sure you keep a list in an accessible area where you can continually jot down items you need to pack.

  • Clothes that may wrinkle fast, should be placed near the bottom of your suitcase

  • Last minute clothes (along with t-shirts) can be rolled and stored in the crevices

  • Shirts should be at the bottom, then dresses, then pants

  • Ties should be rolled so they don't get wrinkled

  • Socks should be placed in shoes or in the flap/pocket inside

  • Undergarments should also be placed in shoes or be packed in the flap inside

  • Shoes should be lined along the borders and each should be placed in plastic bags

  • Toiletries should first be placed in a plastic bag and then kept inside the suitcase

  • Essential items such as toothbrush, medications, phones, ipods, cameras, laptops (as well as most electronics) should be stored in your carry on
A great way to get kids involved is to show them what needs to be packed. Take actual photos or drawings of things that they need to take and place it on a sheet of paper. Here is sample of what you can try out for your household. This one would be what a little girl might pack for an overnight trip (and she would only be taking one of each):

If you wanted more items you might put the number you need beside the picture or put duplicate pictures (i.e., 2 dress pictures, etc.).


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