Monday, April 6, 2009

Car Storage Solutions

Tired of seeing your car a mess? Here are some storage ideas to keep your car clutter free!

Now that your car is clean, all the trash has been thrown out and miscellaneous items (toys, food containers, books, etc.) have been put back where they belong inside your it's time to start keeping your car looking nice and organized.

In order to keep your car clean and free of debris, hang this from the back of your seat. You can throw your trash in there or store other plastic trash bags for quick removal of items, as well as your trash. This particular item can also hold tissues in the bottom portion and a water or soda bottle on the side of it.

Back seat organizers are great. They don't take up much room and don't hinder any one's seating arrangement. This one can hold tissues, toys, books, movies, cd's, stuffed animals, maps, anything that you want to keep in the car.

Another handy back row organizer is great for daily use as well as long road trips. You can keep snacks, toys, movies, books, game controllers or even a small blanket in there.

For those who use car or booster seats, a nice item to have is a baby car seat organizer. This can make clean up easy or easier and gives you pockets to hold extra diapers, pacifiers, etc.

Shopping trips are great but sometimes they can be a hassle if you are only getting a few bags or have things that you don't want to fall out in your trunk while driving. These crates are really handy and will keep your items in place; they also collapse so that you can store them flat when not in use. They are also useful to keep your trunk organized for day to day items.

Also, for those with kids and/or pets, a back seat cover is essential to keep your seats clean.

Oh and here's a tip for Foggy Windshields - buy a chalkboard eraser and keep it in your glove box. Whenever your windows fog up, rub it with the eraser. This works better than cloth.

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