Monday, January 5, 2009

Odd Wall Spaces

Nail-Free Walls

Have a wall that you can't put a nail through? Try vinyl lettering; they are different and can be very specific to you (your favorite phrase, your own saying, something specific to the room you are in, etc.) and can also fill a space quite beautifully! The one below is what we have in our home. It is on a wall where the duct is behind and thus no nails can be used in it.

Vinyl lettering is so unique and therefore may be used in any area of your house to add some interest to an otherwise drab area. They can be found in many stores such as Target, Kohl's or Walmart. I got mine off of EBay. They are very easy to put up and can easily be removed when you want to re-decorate. The lettering can also be done in different font styles and colors.

Prefer your framed art or photo frames on the wall, but still don't want to put nails through them? Or you live in an apartment and can't put nails through the walls?

Try these Adhesive Strips by 3M. We got these from Lowes and they work great.

These strips hold on strongly to the wall (just press on to the wall for mere seconds). They come off cleanly and create no surface damage (if you make a mistake or change your mind, simply pull the tab to remove it from the wall without making a mark). Each hanger holds 5 pounds (if the item is slightly heavier, I would not use this - the nail would be a lot safer). Besides framed art work, you can also put up posters. We used this approach in our children's bedrooms. 3m also makes Poster Strips.

Other ideas of items to put on your walls using these strips include:

  • baskets
  • unique paper mache art
  • children's art work
  • masks
  • interesting decals


Don't want to put items up on your wall but you still want to create interest? Try adding a splash of color to just one wall to make a dramatic impact. I think this works great when the wall or area itself is oddly shaped.

Small rooms with dramatic paint can also make the room more interesting and inviting.

Afraid of color? Don't be. If you don't know where to begin, try getting paint samples from either a paint or hardware store and put some on either a piece of drywall or on a white drop cloth and tape it to the wall. This way you will know if it is something that you do or do not want on your walls; and if you don't like it, you wouldn't have sacrificed much time and effort in to it.

Another neat paint idea is to paint a wall that is a chalkboard or a magnetic board or both. This would work great in a child's room, a play room or even in the kitchen or the mud room.

No matter what you end up doing with that space you have, have fun doing it.

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Sweet Tee said...

This is great!! I was just in Target where I saw this. I'm going to check ebay for something similiar!

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